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Boîte de pétri.. © INRA, SLAGMULDER Christian

4) Projects funded and calls for projects

MEM projects funded in 2011

Everything you need to know about the 8 projects funded in 2011 in the context of the Meta-omics of Microbial Ecosystems metaprogramme (MEM) : COMETES, E-NOC, METAFUN, MetaScreen, MucOmics, OntoBiotope, SalivMetaPep, STRESS-DIVECO

Updated on 05/20/2014
Published on 01/19/2013

Projets financés :

Acronyme Thème Titre Mots-clés
COMETES Meat ecosystem Controlling the meat ecosystem Food safety; prediction; transcriptomics; Lactobacillus sakei
E-NOC Reverse ecology Retro-modelling of metagenomic data for the management of microbial resources retro-modelling; inoculum; functions of an ecosystem; biodiversity; performance
METAFUN Metabolism of carbohydrates Metagenomics to evaluate and model the functional stability of carbohydrate metabolism in the human gut microbiota Human gut; genetic mining; functions of an ecosystem; metabolism of carbohydrates; mathematical model


. © inra, Gabrielle VERONESE
© inra, Gabrielle VERONESE

Screening of different ecosystems High-throughput functional screening of metagenomes high-throughput; functional screening; soil; rumen; human gut; intestine of wood-boring insects
MucOmics Mucosal interface Functions of microbiotas in human mucosa in Crohn's disease: an integrated approach from metagenomics to in situ metabolomics Microbiota of the human gut; mucosal interfaces; inflammatory intestinal disease; meta-omic integration; modelling
OntoBiotope Ontology of bacterial habitats Constructing an ontology of microbial habitats ontology; bacterial habitats; text mining; data extraction; data retrieval
SalivMetaPep Saliva, Streptococci Microbial signatures of meta-peptides in human saliva saliva; Streptococcus; peptide; communication; peptidome
STRESS - DIVECO Agricultural soils Resistance and resilience of soil microbial diversity to changes in water stress conditions Agricultural soils; climate change; impact of drought/rainfall regimes; pyrosequencing; resistance; resilience

► Download the PDF file (in English) on projects funded (22/12/2011) which contains:

  • abstracts
  • names of the coordinators, partners and units