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The MEM metaprogramme is recruiting !

The MEM metaprogramme is looking for a research engineer to manage international cooperation and two junior research scientists to work on the modelling of ecosystems

Mixed biofilm of Lactococcus lactis and Listeria monocytogenes observed in scanning electron microscope. © inra, Thierry MEYLHEUC
Updated on 05/20/2014
Published on 03/10/2014

According to the allocation of posts by INRA's central management, this is the final quota of recruitments planned for posts that will be open to external competition in 2014 in the context of the Meta-omics of Microbial Ecosystems metaprogramme (MEM).

Numéro du profil et lien vers l’annonce Centre Unité Équipe ou Contact Grade Intitulé profil
IR14-MICA-3 * Jouy UAR1194
François Marras /
Emmanuelle Maguin
IR2 Manager of international cooperation and the metaprogramme
CR2-2014-11-MIA-2 Jouy UR0341
Béatrice Laroche CR2 Dynamic models of structured populations: analysis, simulation, reverse problems. Applications to microbial ecology
CR2-2014-11-MIA-3 Montpellier UMR0729
Alain Rapaport CR2 Dynamic systems and simulation of micro-organism-based ecosystems

* NB: this post concerns both the MICA Division and the M2M metaprogramme, but it is allocated to the quota for the M2M metaprogramme.