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Biopuce : chaque point correspond à un gène et sa couleur traduit son niveau d'expression.. © INRA, GUEDON Eric

2) Governance of the MEM metaprogramme

The MEM metaprogramme is led by the Head of the MICA Division.  It benefits from an International Scientific Advisory Board made up of international scientific experts, and from a Steering Committee.


  • Emmanuelle Maguin, is the Director of the MEM metaprogramme.
  • Monique Axelos, INRA Scientific Director (Food, Nutrition and Bioeconomy) is the representative of the INRA Management Board.
  • An International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), chaired by Monique Axelos and made up of international scientific experts, validates the metaprogramme's priorities, examines its choices in terms of scientific issues, manages part of future allocations and monitors progress of the programme.
  • A Steering Committee, comprising a small group of mathematicians and biologists from different INRA Research Divisions, contributes to developing and implementing the metaprogramme (organisation of events, scientific management, preparation of calls for proposals, etc.). They co-lead the thematic groups of the metaprogram.
  • Thematic Groups (TGs), made up of 5 to 10 scientists representing the different communities present in the metaprogram, were set up to support the members of the Coordination Unit

Steering Committee

Its members make a moral commitment for at least one year.  It is likely that some members will be replaced over time.

  • Director of the metaprogramme: Emmanuelle Maguin
  • Project manager: Danielle Canceill
  • International Cooperation: Gema Herrero Corral
  • Members: → click on each name to reach a personal or team presentation page
 Name Thematic Group INRA Division of affiliation
Thierry CANDRESSE Pathobiome SPE
Christine CITTI Pathobiome SA
Jean-Jacques GODON Digesters MICA
Jean-Paul LALLES Digesters AlimH
Béatrice LAROCHE Maths-Modélisation MIA
Christophe MOUGEL Agri, Pathobiome SPE
Sophie SCHBATH Maths-Bioinfo-Statistiques MIA
Delphine SICARD Food MICA
Olivier ZEMB Digesters PHASE

International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  • Headed by:
Monique AXELOS INRA Scientific Director (Food, Nutrition and Bioeconomy)            
  • International representatives:
Graeme ATTWOOD AgResearch New Zealand
Tom CURTIS Newcastle University United Kingdom
Denis DOCHAIN Université catholique de Louvain Belgium
Danilo ERCOLINI University of Naples Italy
Nikos KYRPIDES DOE-JGI United States
Anna-Liisa LAINE University of Helsinki Finland
Vitor MARTINS DOS SANTOS Wageningen University The Netherlands
Hans VAN VEEN Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen The Netherlands